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Chain Link Bracelets

If there are two things the team at Derng likes chunky, it’s our chain link and our peanut butter! Our Bricke Collection serves up some of the funkiest, chunkiest options at affordable prices, letting you have your gold chain link bracelet and chunky chain necklace, too. On-trend without being the least bit tired, a chunky chain bracelet and necklace instantly update any look, letting the world know you’re as unstoppably chic as you are confident.

In the past, many of us were taught to shy away from statement pieces like a chunky gold chain necklace. Instead, we were led to believe that delicate and demure was the only way to look like a lady. Needless to say, we were lied to! A chunky chain necklace or bracelet is ferociously fashionable and feminine, ignoring the rules of the past and chunkily charging forward to a wardrobe without yesterday’s rules. A modern fashionista doesn’t live by a list of fashion ‘dos’ and don’ts’ – she answers first and foremost to herself, and watches as others follow her brave lead. If your look is craving something thicker and slicker, treat yourself to a chunky gold chain necklace and bracelet. They serve as the perfect complement to tougher looks, and a beautiful balance to softer and subdued, pretty, prim pieces.

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