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Chain Link Bracelets

Chunky is back in a big way, and thereís nothing delicate about these big, bold, bling-tastic designs! Many of our customers count a chain link bracelet as the first Derng bracelet in their glimmering arsenal of glam. And we certainly canít complain as we think they make a marvelous introduction to our brand!

These lightweight, easy-to-wear wardrobe workhorses pair effortlessly with just about everything in your closet, from skinny jeans to little black blazers. The chunky chain bracelet has become a power piece of sorts that can be stacked for added impact, paired with an oversized watch, or left alone to make a style statement thatís anything but a whisper. Just like every Derng bracelet we offer, each chain link bracelet in our collection is not only fashion-forward, but priced to keep the fun flowing. After all, what good is an awesome bracelet if it cost so much you canít afford to go anywhere wearing it? We want you to have your chunky chain bracelet and take it out on the town, too!

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