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  • New & Improved DERNG

    As I'm sure you all can see, I got a BLOG MAKEOVER!

    I love makeovers of all kinds, especially ones that involve Derng.

    A huge thank you goes to the dear Margeb Simpson for my ever so bling Derng logo.

    My blog re-design was done by the lovely Danielle of Just Dandy. Not only does Danielle run a **fabulous** fashion blog, but she also is a savvy blog designer.

    Check out Danielle's Portfolio for some great ideas. She even designs wedding and photography blogs.

    For your re-design, Contact Danielle today!


    Derng loves all know this.
    Our friend, Christin at A Classy Southern Bride is giving away a Derng shirt!

    The shirt is a Grey Dolman with red rhinestones that read "Stay Classy" for a retail value of $44.99.

    Win it here:

    As always,
    ...Bling Required!

  • How to clean your wedding ring

    My blog post today is going to show you how to keep your **sparkly** friend gorgeous forever. In this post I am going to show you how to use 2 products from Bed, Bath, & Beyond and one product from the jewelry store my ring was purchased.
    Products Needed:
    La Sonic Jewelry Cleaner
    Connoisseurs Concentrated Jewelry Cleaner (comes with the machine; mine is a replacement bottle)
    The directions are pretty simple and are located in the instruction packet that comes with the machine.
    :::Make sure both trays are locked
    :::Add solution to the left tray (amount depends on how many pieces you are cleaning)
    :::Fill the remaining part of the tray with warm water. This is your Cleaning Tray
    :::Fill the right tray up with warm water as well. This is your Rinse Tray
    Next, Place your rings inside the Cleaning Tray and close the top
    :::Turn the switch to the left for 1-2 minutes; if very dirty, go up to 3 minutes
    After a few minutes, turn switch back to middle and take the brush (comes with machine) and brush the rings gently. I always have lotion stuck in between diamonds.
    After gently brushing, place rings into the Rinse Tray. Close lid, turn switch to right side and rinse for 1 minute.
    That's it! Now your rings are glittery and sparkle the way they did when he proposed!
    Note: I use the Jewelry Cleaning Machine once every month. Every 6 months I go to the store where my ring was purchased for a professional, FREE cleaning (check to see if your jewelry store does this). The professional cleaning is AH-MAZ-ING!
    Once a week (depending on how much time I have, I use the following products:
    Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner for fine jewelry (similar solution, little brush)
    Here is a Jewelry Cleaner I got from the store where my ring was purchased. I love this cleaner. You spray, you wait 3 minutes, you wash off. I do this 2-3 times a week usually while wearing my rings HA!
    Tip: Since you are cleaning near a sink (or multiple sinks) CLOSE ALL DRAINS!
    Keep checking Derng's new products on the home page!
    As always,
    ...Bling, Bling, Bling Required!
  • DIY Bow Flats

    If you're like me you look for comfortable yet chic shoes. This is where Tory Burch has helped me for years. Introducing the Eddie Flat *^*swoon*^* With its shimmering crystal amazingness...well you can see why I love it.
    Now I'm going to show you how to have this style for a fraction of the price.
    What you need:
    ::A pair of ballet flats
    ::Shoe clips (you can find these at any local shoe store)
    ::E600 glue (the ONLY craft glue I use)
    ::Crystal bow appliqués found Here
    Creating the Bow Flats is quite simple:
    1. Put a drop of glue on the back of each shoe clip and let it dry over night.
    2. Clip shoe clips on front of flats
    The best part of shoe clips is you can take them off and add them to any shoe!
    Eddie Flats: $250
    Derng Flats: $55

    As always,
    ...Bling Required!
  • Where I've Been and HUGE SAVINGS!

    Obviously I like to blog way more than I have even lately but I've been busy with...MOVING!

    The Derng Party has officially moved to a new part of the city so we can have more space, less noise, and more blinging =D

    Here are some specials I'm currently running:

    1. Bling Holiday Stockings: There is still *some* time to ship your holiday stockings to me to be blinged. Turn around time from receiving point is 1 day plus shipping. I will ship the exact same method you ship.
    Order your Bling Holiday Stockings Here

    2. Etsy Christmas Sale: It's a sample sale so whatever I have left is it, but they MUST GO so prices start at $5!

    Shop my Etsy Sale Here

    As always,
    ...Bling Required!
  • Diet Amazing Pumpkin Pie?

    Obviously this post should have been written BEFORE Thanksgiving, but we have been busy packing because we are moving!!

    Here is the recipe for my DIET AMAZING Pumpkin Pie:

    Preheat oven to 350F
    Store bought pie crust (ok I admit, this part is neither diet, nor homemade)
    1 can pure pumpkin (not pie filling)
    1 can Fat Free Evaporated Milk
    3/4 cups Granulated Splenda
    2 cups Egg Beaters (do NOT accidentally pick up the Southwest Style, come home, start mixing the ingredients and notice tiny pieces of picante floating in your pie mix Eww)
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
    1/4 cup agave nectar
    Bake for 45 minutes, Chill overnight.
    Serve with low fat whip cream if desired!

    Sorry I don't have too many photos, my phone died in the process!

    PS: It's Small Business Saturday that means is having a great sale!! Save 20% with coupon code Pie20 and FREE SHIPPING with orders over $49!

    As always,
    ...Bling Required!

  • OOTN:: Birthday Party

    My friend Heather had a birthday this weekend so we met up at Saint Genevieve, a swanky little bar here in Houston.

    The night was filled with Extra Dirty Grey Goose Martinis ((always my drink of choice)), many blackmail photos, and fabulous carb filled yummies.

    Here's what I wore::
    Top: Gap
    Skirt: Rampage from Macy's
    Shoes: DIY spiked heels found Here
    Jewels: Stella & Dot found Here
    Clutch: Brand unknown, purchased at a pressh boutique in Lake Charles

    As always,
    ...Bling Required!
  • DIY Spiked Heels

    The coveted Lorissa Pump. We've all seen them, felt them, then left them at Nordstrom because they are $300. ((sigh))

    When life throws me lemons like this I say, " I'll just go home and drill some holes in my shoes!" that's what's did.

    Here's what you need to create your very own spiked heels:

    Drill ::please use with caution!
    Loctite super glue
    40-50 Spikes (I used one inch and half inch) Order Here

    1. Map out where you want your spikes with your sharpie on both shoes.
    2. Drill your holes where you placed the marks.
    3. Place the backs of the spikes in the holes.
    4. Screw in the spikes and tighten with screwdriver.
    5. For the spikes on the heels, place glue on the back of the spike and adhere to heel. Loctite is THE BEST for this project. Let dry for a bit.
    6. Screw spike to the heel spikes.

    The spikes don't have to be perfect on each side. No one can tell when they are on your feet.
    Use tape or gel inserts to avoid pain from the screw backs.
    DO NOT use a hot glue gun! The spikes will not stick.
    ••this is my first DIY post, sorry I don't have more photos••

    Thanks to Sam Edelman and Taylor from beeisforbeeauty for the inspiration!

    As Always,
    ...Bling err Spikes Required!
  • Holiday Bling Stockings

    I told y'all I love the holidays. Earlier I dressed up like the lady on the Target commercials to get in the spirit. I'm not kidding.
    To get in the spirit I am showcasing Derng's newest product:Holiday Bling Stocking!
    For $10 per stocking, Derng will bling your stocking with your loved one's name. ((please provide your own stockings))
    Group discounts available for 10 or more stockings!

    You can place your order for your stocking Here.

    As always,
    ...Bling Required!
  • Holiday Bling Sale

    If you're like me, you get butterflies in your stomach when you hear the words red and green! Obsessed.With.Holidays.

    Since we understand, we are hosting a Holiday Bling Sale in our Etsy Store with prices starting at $5 like this adorable Santa Baby Onesie shown here:
    Other items include Christmas Panties for $10 and Holiday Hoodies for $15!
    But Hurry!! Limited quanities available (one or two items in each size remain)
    As always,
    ...Bling Required!

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